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Participants with their breathtaking creations of Sir William Lyons

Dönni Georg, Simone & Robin, S.S. 90 Chassis: 249487

First Owner Patricia Oxenden, Jersey, wive of famous surfing pioneer Jeremy Oxenden. Raced in Jersey, colour changed to green, then to red. Body got lightened during live in Jersey, ended up with cycle wings during this period and looks still the same today.

For detailed history please see PDF.

James Draper

Driessen Gerry, S.S. 90

Jenny Christian, S.S. 90 Prototype, Chassis: 248436

This is the first sports car ever constructed by William Lyons' SS Cars Ltd. presented to the press in March 1935. 1961 converted into a V8 hot rod. 1993 full restoration of the car which was then in boxes. May 1999 transfer to Switzerland.

For detailed history please see PDF.

Jenny Christian, S.S. 90, Chassis: 249478, «Captain Black»

This is the first sports car ever sold by William Lyons' SS Cars Ltd and the first to be registered for the road. First registered to Capt. John Black, Chairman Standard Motor Comp., 1961 shipped to USA. Driven 2400 miles from Denver to California. 1981 start of a long restoration period. 1987 shipped back to GB – carry on restoration. 1991 shipped to USA for more restoration work. 2006 shipped to Switzerland.

For detailed history please see PDF.

Bessenich Balz, Silvia, Josephine & Badi, 3.4 Saloon

Engler Richard, 3.4 Saloon

This Pearl Grey Mk 1 has only 35‘000 mls and had only 1 owner for 52 years. Originaly sold to Paris, after exterior and mechanical restoration sold to USA. Now in third hand.

Heath Peter & Fleur, 3.4 Saloon, Chassis: S992246DN

Delivered new to Zürich. With Othmar Müller, Gossau (SG), Bank Director from 1972 to 1976. Onwards in the collection of Josef Vogel, Gossau. Since 2001 with the Dönnis. Started with 68'000km. Most surfaces on this car are original.

For detailed history please see PDF.

Raoult François und Ursula, 3.4 Saloon „Battleship“, Chassis: S943679BW

Originally a 2.4 Automatic bought for dismantling by Georg Dönni. After discovering that this car was virtually rust free Balz & Georg decided to build a Rally car according to their «big boys dreams»

For detailed history please see PDF.

Clive Robinson, 2.4 Saloon

Sayer Pete and Sandy, 3.4 Saloon

Schatzmann Sämi, 3.4 Saloon

Stöcklin Markus, 3.4 Saloon

Webb Nigel, 3.4 Saloon

Wetli Herbert, 3.4 Saloon

Wilkinson Mike, 3.4 Saloon

Special Guests

Bangert Jan, Jaguar X300 XJ-R

Manual 1995 – another very rare Jaguar Model which is celebrating its 20th Birthday

Dönni Bruno und Rui Ren, XJ-S Le Mans

Father of G. Dönni – born 1935.
(Jaguar will celebrate 40 years of XJ-S in 2015)

Höchli Markus, Co-Organiser and friend, XJ-S


De Zorzi Nadja & Mirco and Weber Nils, Iveco with trailer


News & Infos

29. April 15

Celebrating Jaguar's unsung heroes

11. February 15

Latest news from our third recce-trip

28. January 15

We booked the Race Track „Circuit des Ecuyers »
Looking forward to spend a day with friends

17. Dezember 14

S.S.90 Prototype is participating on the event!